I was really upset when a judge ordered me to take a course in anger managment. I figured I’d grin and bear it. This class had the lowest prices I could find, my probation officer accepted the class, and the readings and quizzes were manageable so I signed up and I was very surprised. Instead of telling me I shouldn’t be angry the classes taught me better ways to show people that I’m angry. I would recommend this class to anyone who gets that over the edge feeling when they get angry and feels like they’ve lost control of themselves. I feel like I’m always in control of my mind and body now.Mark L. (Amherst, MA)
I had to admit to myself that after my second run in with the police I needed some help. Open Path's anger management helped me control myself. It scares me to think where I might be if I hadn’t listened to the judge. I learned a lot in this class and am thankful to Open Path for helping me with the proper documents to fulfill my requirements.Lucas D. (Ann Arbor, MI)
This class is great! My family has been really supportive now that I’m learning ways to communicate. My kids know that their old father who would yell at them is gone for good and will never be coming back because I have control of myself now. Even my boss pulled me aside at work to praise me for my handling of stressful conflicts which I would never expect from someone like him.Amanda R. (Berkeley, CA)