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Parenting 101

One of the biggest accomplishments in life can be raising a functional, healthy human being. While raising a child certainly brings unbeatable pleasure, it also brings seemingly insurmountable obstacles, confusion, and general upset to both parties.

At Open Path, we are here to offer a helping hand to those looking for direction. This course provides a foundation to begin creating or rebuilding a loving, authentic relationship with your child. Children inherently look to parents as role models, of aspirations of their own future. Stepping up to this plate can be scary, difficult at times, and extremely rewarding when we have put forth our best effort. Enrolling in these parenting courses fortifies that effort.

Before we begin, it is important to outline what you want from this course. Make yourself a five-week plan. Expand this to five-months, and then a year. How do you want your relationship with your child to feel like in these time frames? Maybe in five weeks you want it to be easier to get along, less power struggles. In five months, you may wish to be enjoying almost all of your time spent together, each party willing to compromise even when it comes to things like chores or where the family will be spending next Saturday. In a year, maybe you want to have full trust in your child, and you want to see that trust reciprocated. Maybe you want to feel secure in your child’s choices, not needing to “hover” over playtime or when your child is visiting with friends.

Slow Down

Parenting is a unique experience to each person. Therefore, while some of our suggestions will work quite well, others may be impossible to implement. While we can’t suggest a quick fix to create a wonder child, our courses aim to create a meaningful relationship built on trust and respect. This is a two-way street, where trust and respect must emanate from both parent and child.

We have found one thing that works for most situations. This is a pretty fail safe solution to those times when you can’t get out of the door fast enough, and your child is begrudgingly still getting dressed, or to the high octane emotional battles you encounter with your teenager regarding driving, privacy, or an obstinate attitude.

Think two words: slow down. Let’s see this in practice.

Consider the following:

Joseph has to pick up his seven year old daughter Claire from staying at her friend’s house early this afternoon. She has a dentist appointment. He gets stuck in lunchtime rush hour and is running ten minutes late. When he arrives to get Claire, he brusquely interrupts playtime, imploring that they must leave immediately to make the appointment.

Claire picks up on his stress and begins to feel overwhelmed. She feels upset and disrespected that she was not given the opportunity to find closure in her playtime with her friend. She pouts and makes sure to move exceptionally slow while leaving.

Claire slowing things down signals to Joseph that he was pushing Claire too quickly before. He kneels to her level and touches her gently on the arm. He takes a deep breath to slow himself down to her pace.

He offers acknowledgement of Claire’s feelings, saying, “I see that you’re upset we have to leave. It’s tough having to leave when you were having such a great time.”

Claire nods, still pouting due to her loss of control in the situation.

Joseph smiles warmly, “Let’s have your friend come over to our house very soon. Do you want to invite her now or later?”

In the example above, Joseph at first acted without much mindfulness to Claire’s situation. He was running on his time, the dentist’s time, but not Claire’s time. This compounded the difficulties of an already tough transition. But, because Joseph took only a few seconds to slow down, he was able to reconnect with Claire. Claire feels just as important as the dentist appointment, despite the earlier fumble.
This connection is vital to any parent-child relationship. It allows the child to feel her emotions with authenticity, it allows the child to trust your presence, and it also builds respect for both you and the child.

Open Path’s Parenting 101 Course teaches techniques like this and more.

In this class you will also learn:

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Parenting 101 Online Class

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The course material was great. I found it useful and frequently utilized and reflected on the course material during the day. The bottom line is the course clearly helped me, genuinely helped me, with the emotional struggles I had been experiencing. My supervisor and one of the employees I supervised myself both commented to me without prompting that I was dealing with work issues in a more balanced, open-minded manner.

— Shawn

I am very pleased with the courses you offer. The Anger Management course has literally changed my life for the better. I now know how to control my inner and outer anger and think before I act or speak. Thank you for having these courses to follow and revisit whenever I need a refresher.

— Angela

I never write reviews, but I feel obligated to because of how much Open Path's Anger Management course has helped me to understand myself. I also never use the word "blessing," but I feel that the word pretty much describes what OP has done by making these resources available at such a low cost. I continue to use the tips I've learned every day and I try to help others with when I can. It has changed my life and my relationships.

— George
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Start today by registering. Your registration will immediately direct you to our payment gateway. For a one-time payment of $4.99 you will gain access to all of our courses. This will also give you access to a Proof of Enrollment letter and all of our courses.

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We keep the registration fee low so that as many people as possible can afford to take one or more of our online wellness courses. Open Path is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing access to affordable mental health care and education. You can learn more about our mission and our affordable psychotherapy program at

Our course readings, assignments, and quizzes are offered for a one-time payment of $4.99. If you need a Certificate of Completion to prove that you have taken any one of the courses for a judge, probation officer, employer, or other third party, you will be required to make an additional payment. Certificate pricing can be found on the individual course pages. Hard copy certificates are also subject to a shipping & handling fee.

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Our courses are entirely online. You may start, and stop, whenever you would like, and work at your own pace. There are no scheduled meetings, and you won’t check in with a supervisor, but we truly believe that you get out what you put in. As such, we highly recommend working with a trained therapist as you work through your course. Discover more information about working with a therapist in our network.

Yes, in almost all cases our program will meet court requirements. We’ve been accepted by judges, employers, and probation officers throughout the United States. Once you have registered for $4.99, you can print a Proof of Enrollment letter to show to your probation officer, judge, or other authority to ensure that our program is acceptable. If our program will not be accepted by the court in question, we can refund the $4.99 registration fee.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for the registration fee. If you are not satisfied with the online courses for any reason during the initial 30 days of using our site, we can issue a full refund of your $4.99 registration fee. We only offer refunds on certificates of completion in the case that the court did not accept the coursework. In order to process the refund, a judge, attorney, probation officer or other judicial authority will need to contact Open Path directly in order to confirm that the course certificate was not accepted in court.

Once you purchase your certificate and pay for shipping and handling, it can take up to 2 business days for us to ship your certificate. Please be sure to complete your course and purchase your certificate in advance of the date you require the certificate for court.

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Open Path does not offer progress reports. If you need to show progress in the course, you can purchase a certificate for the number of hours that you have completed thus far. After completion of the full course, you can request a refund for the lower-level certificate.